Registration Confirmed!: Google Cloud NEXT ’19

It looks like I’ll be back in San Francisco this April, but not just to visit and hit my favorite caf├ęs!

This year and especially the last 6 months has been transformational for me, and in particular my career. I’ve pivoted from focusing my efforts primarily on Azure BI to attending a Data Science Immersive Bootcamp at Galvanize, to now charging headlong into Machine Learning Engineering on Google Cloud. The experience has been somewhat akin to waking up from a coma and realizing you have no recollection of how to do your job, but in the most positive way possible!

In embracing these new found challenges and my return to lvl. 1 developer, I’m attending NEXT ’19.

When I first found I was interested in BI, I attended the PASS Business Analytics Conference in San Jose, CA and it changed everything. There’s something about a convention center buzzing with people and vendors, all passionate about what they do, that gives you energy like none other. And that’s what I’m hoping to get from this conference as well.

I’ve faced an ocean of new challenges, tools, and opportunities since making this switch and it’s time to harness the indomitable energy and stockpile of swag that it’s going to take to get through the challenges yet to come!

Kubeflow Logo

In particular, I’m especially excited to attend the sessions on Kubeflow ML Pipelines! I’ve been struggling to carve a path through all of the options and challenges available on Google Cloud to find a process of training and deploying models that’s smooth and effective, but haven’t found one yet. Maybe I’ll write another post on some of these challenges, in particular my current disillusion with ML Engine. So hopefully this one will have some new revelations to offer!

I hope to see you there!